AnswerCon 2019: Dubrovnik

To celebrate the company's 20th anniversary, we headed to Dubrovnik for some team building activities and a convention about the future of the company.

14th Oct. 2019

Dubrovnik was still buzzing when we got there even though we were into the shoulder season. The weather was still warm and dry, what’s not to like?

Arriving at the hotel, we were handed a booklet with the plans for the next few days as well as some t-shirts to wear for the activities. The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring part of the Dubrovnik Old Town, no wonder Game of Thrones shot some scenes here.

Day Two

On the second day, we were ferried across to Lokrum Island. An island just off the coast of Dubrovnik which housed a Benedictine Monastery.

In groups, we planned out a presentation about the Academy; what works and what could be improved. We then had to come up with creative ways of presenting some of our findings.

We were told that we were to present to the public, however we seem to have ran out of time after lunch. It would have been hilarious if other tourists in Dubrovnik could have seen our presentations 😂.

After lunch, we set off to play a Game of Thrones-inspired games. We were tasked to collect as many coins by completing challenges set throughout the Old Town.

Day Three

Day three was about giving back to the community. Working with a local team, we helped spruce up a viewpoint that has been neglected for a while. Work ranged from picking up litter to spreading sand onto the path.

Time goes fast when you’re doing some manual labour with good company. Tiring? Yes, definitely. Worth it? Of course.


It has been a good few days spending time with people from work. I got to interact with people that I don’t normally see and got to know more about the people that I do.

It’s also apparent that the Academy is an important thing and that we should keep working on it. The discussions we had were definitely something we expand more when we get back to the office.