Verify: Snapshot Testing for C#

Verify is a snapshot tool that simplifies the assertion of complex data.

Cypress 4: Now Supports Firefox and Edge

With the release of version 4, Cypress is now a cross-browser testing tool. It includes support for Firefox and the new Edge browser.

Cypress Part IV: Custom Commands

Custom commands allow us to reuse common code we use for tests. Let's look at how we can make one and add its type definition for TypeScript.

Paracas and its Nature Reserve

Paracas is a seaside town in the Ica region of Peru. They have a nature reserve encompassing a desert landscape and islands teeming with life.

Cypress Part III: Request Stubbing and Spying

One of Cypress's most compelling features is the ability to stub and spy HTTP requests our web application makes.

Dark Mode: Theme Them All

Dark mode is so in right now that even websites are joining in on the fun. Let's look at how we could leverage the new CSS media query.

Cypress Part II: Configuration

Now that we have added Cypress to our existing SPA, let's have a look at overriding the default configurations.

Cypress Part I: Getting Started

In this new series, we look at how we could include Cypress as part of our testing strategy for our single page applications.

TypeScript 3.7

The new version of TypeScript has been released and with it comes optional chaining as well as nullish coalescing!

Cypress: A New Way of Testing UI

Have you ever tested a single page app with Selenium? It can be cumbersome and flaky, Cypress aims to fix those issues.