Going Wild with Mossy Earth

We could do so much more than just plant trees to offset our carbon. We could join the likes of Mossy Earth in rewilding nature.

10th Sep. 2022

After nearly two years, I am back with another post and this time it is not really related to technology.

One way or another the global pandemic has changed us in many ways. Having been limited to within a certain area, I got to appreciate how much wildlife there is in a bustling city like Manchester (UK).

Juvenile and chicksGrey heron

The moorhens are now a permanent resident of the local inland marina for canal barges, whilst the grey heron have been visiting on/off. It started off with a pair of swans and a few Canada geese, we are now seeing various other water fowls visit throughout the year.

What is rewilding anyway?

Rewilding activities are conservation efforts at restoring and protecting natural processes and wilderness areas. — Wikipedia1

Put simply, these are conservation efforts that aim to empower ecosystems to recover and perform their intended purpose. This could be through planting a more diverse forest, creating wetland habitats or reintroducing native fauna.

Who are Mossy Earth and why I chose them?

Mossy Earth are a social enterprise aiming to “create independent and sustainable long-term funding mechanisms for impactful rewilding, reforestation and conservation projects.”

Here’s one of the projects they have worked on, restoring kelp forests.

I chose to Mossy Earth simply because their projects not only focuses on planting as many trees as possible. They also support conservation projects to help “ugly” animals that might not get as much help.

Have a look at their YouTube channel, they have some amazing videos about rewilding and their projects.

And if you’re interested in joining their membership, here’s my referral link. They will plant extra trees for us when you sign up through my link: https://mossy.earth?referral=ROWRN5Z9ZS


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