Mam Tor and the New Year's Sunrise

Apart from Mother Cap, Mam Tor has got to be the other feature of the Peak District National Park that I frequent. With an amazing vista at the top and easy hike, I'm really not surprised why.

04 Jan 2018


Wanting to start the new year right, I headed out really early to hike up Mam Tor. I knew the weather forecast had a good outlook, but I was in for a treat when I got there. Even though I technically missed the sunrise, I was still treated to an abundance of golden light!

The first photo is of the road (Edale Road?) on the other side of Mam Tor and as it is winter it never gets hit by direct sunlight — which is such a shame. I think the light that morning would have made it look a bit more interesting.

Mam Tor at sunrise

One good thing about going up Mam Tor is that the path is paved with slabs of rock. You could end up leaving the hill with hardly any mud on your shoes — but who wants clean walking shoes/boots anyway?

Atop a trig point