Mother Cap and the Rude Graffiti

Formed by wind, water and ice (probably); Mother Cap has stood the test of time. Then along comes some people that just had to ruin it.

06 Dec 2017


Usually, I am not too bothered with graffitied walls – some are very much works of art! Walking around Sheffield city centre, you’d see a few dotted about. They used have a mural of Sir David Attenborough not far from Sheffield Hallam University’s student union building; it has now been replaced with a pair of blue tits.

However, this is not the case with the phallic scratchings on the side of Mother Cap. But hey, who knows? In a thousand years’ time, people might think it was some relic of a bygone religion. It is a relatively new addition to the facade of the rock formation, I seem to recall not having seen it years ago.

monther cap graffiti dsc00100

Rude graffiti aside, the place is beautiful and Over Owler Tor is to the north of it and Higger Tor is not that far off. If you’re wanting something closer, Owler Tor and the Longshaw Estate is just across the road from the car park.

monther cap graffiti dsc00818